14th August Azaadi Sale 2022

14th August Azaadi Sale 2022

14th August may be a normal day for the world but for Pakistani Nation it marks their independence! On 14th August, 1947 world saw a new country on the land. The Country of scarifies efforts, continuous struggle and affirmation a nation. This newborn country called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It was most pleasant news for Muslim Ummah that Pakistan appeared on the world map. Pakistan is the symbol of integrity, efforts and sacrifices. To live every moment of joy and independence, Sound Crush brings more to the Azaadi celebrations by presenting Azaadi Sale special offers and discounts which ultimately adds up to the Azaadi festival. So, if you’re thinking for a shopping spree on this 75th Independence, here is the 14th August Azaadi sale 2022 discounts on 7 Best Speakers in Pakistan, you should check out!

Sound Crush 14th August Azaadi Sale 2022

Below are 7 Best Speakers in Pakistan on which Sound Crush is offering flat 30% off on 75th Azaadi.

Get 30% OFF on 14th August Azaadi Sale.
Get Flat 30% Off on 14th August Azaadi Sale.


Aurelia is a magnetic portable speaker which has a built in ultra-powerful magnet which can cling to any magnet surface. Furthermore, seven distinct colour themes are available with Aurelia Bluetooth speaker. With its modern style, Aurelia always appears dignified and majestic. It has three built-in colour settings that give you the ability to change the ambiance, whether it’s a party (with beats to the music mode) or a lo-fi setting (with its dim light feature). Magnetic base Bluetooth speaker has up to 9 hours playtime with special TWS (True Wireless Stereo) feature which allows you to simultaneously connect two speakers for increased sound. It has latest Bluetooth technology of 5.0 and 10 meters connecting range. Nonetheless Aurelia can be a best choice for you if you want to take your Azaadi celebrations to next level.

Tank Bass

Tank Bass is an IPX4 water-resistant speaker in which IPX4 technology protects it from sprinkles of water splash and is boasted with unrivalled durability. It has aux input and sound quality that is more than sufficient for music lovers. Moreover, its 10 hours playtime entices listeners with its endless aura. In addition to having excellent technological features, this product has a fantastic reputation as one of the Best Speakers in Pakistan. In addition, with hands free call feature of Tank Bass, you won’t have to worry about first turn off Bluetooth on your phone before answering the call. Instead, the built-in mic capability allows you to take calls. With ultra-portability and water-resistant attributes Tank Bass is the perfect Bluetooth speaker to energize your Azaadi day.      


Macron is a small size big wave portable 5.0 Bluetooth speaker with up to 6 hours playtime. It has mountable hook with lanyard cable that help to carry it everywhere. Moreover, with IPX 7 Water proof feature macaron can submerge for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter deep water.. Macaron has hands free call option with built-in mic capability that allows you to take calls while you’re on the road. It has great TWS option which allows you to simultaneously connect two speakers for increased sound.  Macaron with small size and mega features can turn your Azadi day celebrations into a mega party.


M7 is one of best Speaker in Pakistan with IPX 7 waterproof 5.0 Bluetooth speaker of sound crush due to its powerful radiator base that radiates music waves in all directions, 15-20 hours playtime, Aux input and 32 GB memory card options. Thanks to the device’s TWS Feature, you can experience music from left to right like never before. This portable speaker also has an attractive appearance. In order for you to enjoy your phone calls while you’re on the go, the manufacturer included a built-in microphone. The speaker also has an IPX7 classification, which denotes that it is totally waterproof and can be totally submerged for up to 30 minutes in water that is 1 meter deep without losing functionality. Therefore, M7 can be a great choice for you if you want make your Azaadi celebrations memorable.  


Bzoom is another great product of sound crush which can take your demand for quality speakers on the 75th Azaadi celebrations to next level with 15-20 hours play time. It has Hands free call option, Aux input, IPX 7 Waterproof features that offers 360 sounds without compromising on quality. Bzoom has latest Bluetooth technology of 5.0. which can communicate over distances up to 10 meters. So, with this amazing waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can make your Azaadi celebrations loud, deep and filled with happiness.


Trig is a home decor night walker LED speaker with 10 – 12 hours playtime. It has soft leather grip which is light in weight, and is durable, making it perfect for use at home. Trig also has three illumination settings and a remote control which can control the music flow giving you various customization avenues. Furthermore, trig is TWS compatible which allows you to simultaneously connect two speakers for increased sound. Trig Lightning Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver crystal clear music in any direction. Nothing beats the Trig for its battery life and audio quality. Thanks to trig’s TWS technology, which couples two speakers, stereo playback is possible without the necessity of cables. Alternately, you may take it outside to enjoy a quiet evening under the stars. So, if you want to celebrate your 75th Azaadi celebrations at home then there is no better choice than trig.


Mono is one of the most impressive home decor speakers available on Sound Crush. It possesses qualities that are simply unthinkable. It has developed quite a name for itself as a Bluetooth Lamp Speaker and a wireless Phone Charger with remote control music option. With the help of Mono’s ambient lighting features, you can enjoy your favourite music while brightening your surroundings. Its brightness can also be controlled. Undoubtedly, Mono is a remarkable home decor Bluetooth speaker that you should think about purchasing on this 75th Azaadi sale 2022. It has exceptional range of 10 meters (33 ft) with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Its TWS technology which allows you to simultaneously connect two speakers for increased sound. Therefore, if you are sound savvy person Mono is the best choice for you to make your Azaadi celebrations memorable at home.

Make your Azaadi celebrations reign supreme by turning up the volume with sound crush and boost your happiness by availing flat 30 % off on home decor, waterproof and Bluetooth speakers, so that you can enjoy every Azaadi moment with zeal and zest!  

75th Azaadi Mubarak with Sound Crush 14th August Azaadi Sale 2022!  Every Sound Matters!



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