Aurelia Lighting Speaker

Aurelia Lighting Speaker: Let the Music Light the Way (Review)

Aurelia Lighting Speaker:

Remember those days when music played run on wired speakers and multiple light disco balls were plugged into the socket to create that club vibe all while not leaving your room. Want to live those moments again? That trip down memory lane. Well, now it’s possible with Sound Crush Aurelia Lighting Speaker. Aurelia is a lighting Bluetooth speaker with a magnetic stick on feature which lets it stick to metal surfaces.

Below is an in-depth review on the Aurelia Lighting Speaker

What’s it like to have Aurelia Lighting Speaker:

Aurelia is small, light-weight (180 g), which makes it easy carry. Going on a night hike under the moon light, attach Aurelia to your bag and listen to the music on the go.  Aurelia also has magnetic stick on feature, which lets you attach it any metal surface. Aurelia comes with a Lanyard cable so that you can carry it or attach it to your bike and listen music. As mentioned above, Aurelia is a lighting speaker with 7 light colours and 3 modes to choose from. Aurelia’s TWS (True Wireless Stereo) lets you connect two devices to enhance the sound output.

Aurelia Led Speaker

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Features of Aurelia Lighting Speaker:

The Aurelia portable speaker has a built-in magnet that keeps it firmly attached to any metal surface. Aurelia has an 800 mAh polymer lithium battery which gives an 8-hour playback time and takes 1-2-hour to fully charge. The speaker can be fully charged using your smartphone charger. The Aurelia speaker’s TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology allows you to connect two speakers at the same time for amazing sound quality and output. Aurelia comes with 7 different lights and 3 modes, so you can choose the environment according to the music and your mood. Aurelia being small and light makes it easier to carry and is highly portable.

Aurelia Features

How to use 3 Color Modes of Aurelia?

Aurelia by Sound Crush comes with only buttons at the bottom. One is for power and the other is for lights. Pressing the light button 2 times shifts between the 3 lighting modes. The 3 modes are single color, smooth fading between colors, and party mode (Colors change with the beat) respectively. In the single-color mode the intensity of the light can also be controlled by pressing the light button once.

How to Connect to the Sound Crush Aurelia?

Connecting Aurelia Lighting Speaker with your device is very simple. If you want a Bluetooth connection, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, tablet, or laptop and simultaneously switch on the speaker. In the device, the Bluetooth option selects the speaker and you will be connected to it. Aurelia has Bluetooth 5.0, which means a seamless connection and is easily connected with new-generation devices. Power up the speaker, turn on Bluetooth on your device, and pair them together. Select the light mode and party.

TWS (True Wireless Stereo):

Another amazing feature of the Aurelia lighting speaker is that it has TWS or simply put True Wireless Stereo. Now, what is TWS? TWS or True Wireless Stereo means that you can connect two Aurelia’s to further elevate your music output and heighten your overall music experience. This feature is best for large gatherings and provides a surround sound feel to the environment.

How’s the Battery Life of Sound Crush Aurelia lighting speaker?

Aurelia has a battery volume of 800mAh, which seems little, but this small speaker gives a constant playtime of 9 hours. Keeping in mind Aurelia’s lighting feature and its small battery size the 9 hour playtime is pretty good for a device at such a price. For charging it has a micro USB port and takes about 2 to 3 hours to fully charge.

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