difference between waterproof and water resistant

Water Resistant vs Waterproof

Important fact: Water-Resistant and Waterproof are not the same

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers and water-resistant Bluetooth speakers are not the same things. As the name implies, waterproof and water-resistant give the impression that they have the same level of resistance against water. Still, there are substantial variances between the two. Furthermore, this blog will also go over these differences in great detail so that you can figure out which Bluetooth speaker is best for your indoor and outdoor listening needs.

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What is the major difference between Water Resistant and Waterproof? 

Water Proof

A gadget is said to be waterproof if it can resist being submerged in water without being destroyed. The lack of an industry standard for determining whether a product is waterproof makes this a difficult hurdle to clear. 

Water Resistant

When compared to a waterproof gadget, a water-resistant one offers less protection. Devices that are labeled “Water Resistant” are typically built to resist water intrusion or are covered with a substance that decreases the risk of water damage. Consider this as a manufacturer’s warning to you that, despite their best efforts, your product is still vulnerable to water damage and should be kept out of the water as much as possible.

How do these two terms help in differentiating what to buy?

The terms “water-resistant” and “waterproof” should not be used interchangeably while looking for a Bluetooth speaker. There are several drawbacks to using water-resistant speakers, such as the fact that they can’t be immersed for long periods. Water-resistant speakers, on the other hand, provide less security since they are not built to withstand water intrusion. 

Difference between waterproof and water resistance:

Parameter of ComparisonWaterproof MaterialsWater-Resistant Materials
Suitable forWhen it’s raining or snowing, being waterproof is a must-have.For wet and snowy weather, water-resistant clothing is ideal.
DefinitionIt is impossible for water to penetrate a water-resistant material.A product that is water-resistant can keep water out to some extent.
Resistant LevelWaterproof level of resistance is highThere is a high degree of resistance to water.
Lifestyle and GoalsIf you live in a place where the weather may be unpredictable, a waterproof jacket is a must. As long as you’re involved in water-based activities, you’ll have a good timeA water-resistant jacket will be ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.
Air PermeabilityThere is no air permeability in waterproof fabrics.Water-resistant materials have a high permeability to air.
Water Vapor PermeabilityWaterproof has a 0% water vapor permeability.Water vapor permeability is excessively high in water resistance.
PoresThese materials have all of their pores filled.Pores are partially filled in water-resistant
Resistant to Water DropletsIn order to be waterproof, a substance must be impervious to water.Resistance to wetness and water droplets are two characteristics of water-resistant.
Resistant to Water PenetrationEven when subjected to external water pressure, they are engineered to withstand water penetration.External hydrostatic pressure is no match for water-resistant materials’ strength.
Terminological ClassWaterproof materials are impervious to moisture.Semipermeable materials are those that resist water.
ComfortVery lowComfort is medium to high

IPX Waterproof Rating Guide

In contrast to vague marketing phrases like “waterproof,” the IPX standard gives you a clearer idea of the item’s water resistance.
Digits (characteristic numbers) demonstrate compliance with the following requirements. The numeral is replaced with the character X when there is no protection grade for one of the criteria. For example, the IPX-7 grade is adequate for most outdoor athletic needs.

IPX Waterproof Rating Guide

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Quick sum up

The differences between water-resistant and waterproof speakers, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each, are fully covered in this blog. In order to help individuals better comprehend the distinction, this website serves as a guide.


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