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Mini Bluetooth Speaker | Colorun’s Review

Mini Bluetooth Speaker ‘Colorun is another innovation in the field of portable music devices if you wish to move with the beats. It has a clip-on feature that allows you to take your music with you wherever you go, making it extremely useful. In this blogpost we will talk about mini Bluetooth speaker ‘Colorun’s’ review.

Why Mini Bluetooth Speaker “Colorun” is Unique?

Let me introduce you to an outstanding mini Bluetooth speaker that has earned a reputation for being one-of-a-kind, having incredible features that are excellent for music enthusiasts. For example, the IPX4 feature allows it to be water-resistant, it has a built-in microphone so you can take calls while on the go, and it has a distinctive build quality.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

What Sets it Apart From Other Portable Devices?

Colorun is a compact device that’s perfect for use in the outdoors. Among its many impressive features that set it apart from competing devices: When it comes to taking your music with you, Colorun’s clip-on feature and ultra-portability make it a great choice because it doesn’t add a heavy load to your backpack, and its 80 percent sound ratio means no more distorted audio.

What Experience Will You Gain Using Colorun?

Colorun will always be different experience in your music listening because of what it delivers. An amazing latest Bluetooth 5.0, 3600 surround sound, 10 hours of unlimited music and a staggering battery life that just won’t interrupt your music.

How Do You Connect Mini Bluetooth Speaker “Colorun” to Your Devices?

Besides all the Bluetooth inputs, you also get an Aux input, and a charging input. There are rubber buttons for starting Bluetooth speakers and cool volume rockers. Present on the front

The wireless range is about 10 meters or 33ft and it stays well connected. I had no problems listening to music in my home, over this mini Bluetooth speaker which is surprising you can control every aspect of the speaker, furthermore there is no lag when you require stream less music.


How good of a speaker is this?

In terms of connectivity, what do you think? Colorun’s connectivity will never be a concern for any user because it can remain stable without distortion up to a distance of 33 feet, as previously said.

Will a phone call disrupt my music?

With a built-in mic, you can make hands-free calls.

Does it come with a Good battery?

The answer is yes Colorun is equipped with an 800 MAH battery that ideal for an amazing music experience. With this mini Bluetooth speaker forget the hassle of always connecting it to a wire for charging.

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