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5 Pakistani Music Genre

Music has always been an important part of history, and each era had its own distinct genre. If we go back a millennia, we can see that festivals were incomplete without music, especially in kings’ courts where spectacular symphonies were played for their amusement. Victory celebrations also included music and dance. However, as time progressed, music undeniably evolved into a more complex and refined form. So in this article we will briefly describe Pakistani music genre and how it evolved with time.

1: Pop Music

Pop is a genre of popular music that first acquired prominence in the mid-1950s in the United States and the United Kingdom. While many people often confuse the terms “popular music” and “pop music,” the former refers to all music that is currently popular and includes a diverse spectrum of genres. Pop music exploded in popularity in Pakistan after Nazia Hassan introduced it with the song “Ap Jaisa Koi meri Zindagi mai aaye” and “Disco deewanay“. Following this successful introduction, numerous singers jumped on board, and pop music continued to evolve.

Pop Music pakistan

2: Rock Music

Throughout its history, rock music has been dynamic and unpredictable, constantly changing and recreating itself. Therefore, it may be difficult to put a straightforward label on such an erratic musical construction. Hard-edged, electric guitar, bass, and drums-based rock music can be broadly characterized as hard-edged rock music accompanied by vocals. However, a closer look at the evolution of rock illustrates how several genres and influences have had an impact on its development over time. Pakistani classical music and British-American rock merge in Pakistani rock Junoon Band made history with its first Sufi rock band music like Hai jazba junoon”  “Sayonee”  “lal meri patt”.

Rock Music Pakistan

3: Classical/Semi-Classical

Classical music includes a variety of musical forms such as thumri and Dadra, and its founders include Bach and Gluck. Joseph Hayden was the first master of composing classical music, beginning in the 1750s and continuing until 1761, during which time he introduced new forms to contemporary classical music. Coke Studio, followed by Nescafe Basement and other underground music venues, helped to pave the way for the development of classical and semi-traditional Pakistani music. Becoming another well-known source in the Pakistani Music genre.

classical music of pakistan

4: Qawwali/Sufi Music

From its origins in the thirteenth century, the religious tradition of Qawwali has a long and distinguished history. In the beginning, it was conducted at Sufi shrines, and more precisely, as part of a ‘mehfil-e sama,’ or assembly for spiritual listening, which took place on or around the anniversary of the death of the shrine’s patron saint on the day of his death. Qawwali is a genre of devotional music that originated in India and is being performed there today. The flexibility of the singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (NFAK), as well as the Sabri Brothers, Abida Parveen jee, aziz mian qawal, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, elevated Sufi music to new heights in Pakistan, where it continues to hold a strong reputation among other Pakistani music genre of today.

sufi music pakistan

5: Rapping

What began in the Bronx, New York City, in the 1970s has become synonymous with hip hop music and the cultural movement that has sprung up as a result. The job of master of ceremonies (MC) at events hosted by the subculture resulted in the development of rapping. Currently, rapping is being used in popular music all around the world. Rap, in terms of style, is a blend of the four literary genres of speech, prose, poetry, and songwriting. It is a mix of the four literary genres. While DJ Kool Herc is credited with establishing this particular genre in the 1970s.

For example: Hashim Nawaz, an emerging artist in underground rapping. He has recently come to light with his extremely popular rapping track “Pindi aye.” Young Stunners, Rap Demon, Imran khan, Bohemia, young desi, Chen k, are all the well-known names in the rap industry.

rap music of pakistan

Quick Sum-up

In these five musical genres, we’ve included some information on the most prominent types of music. We as Sound Crush believe in presenting these Genres in a more convenient method and giving Pakistani music genre.


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