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Best Speakers to buy this Ramadan 2022

This year, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan 2022 has begun. This month, we will participate in prayer, recitation/listening to the Holy Quran, and other religious activities to repent of our sins. It is recommended that you broadcast and spread the holy sounds everywhere you go during this holy month of Ramadan. The best portable speakers may help you elevate your listening experiences to new heights of spiritualism

What to expect?

This month, expect the unexpected, as we’re here to brighten your Ramadan 2022 celebrations with various portable devices. Because we believe that the holy Sounds of Ramadan should not go unheard and that our users should have the best possible experience while listening. We mean by experience the ability to listen to Quranic Recitations, Naat’s, Muslim Audiobooks, or your favorite scholars in the comfort of your home or when you’re on the move. The biggest advantage is that our catalogue offers affordable prices. Each speaker has their own unique features on every order that you place, which means you can expect to receive a lot in this blessed month.

Spiritual Sounds all around:

As many people believe, Ramadan 2022, or the month of Ramadan in general, is about more than only fasting for the entire month. Ramadan is a month of sacrifice, purity, and atonement. Yes, Ramadan teaches us to sacrifice, be pure, and atone for our sins. Still, we must also trust in God’s forgiveness and Recite/Listen to the Holy Book to attain the degree of Spiritual peace essential for a healthy mind and body.

List of Best Products to choose from this Ramadan 2022:

Following are some of the portable speakers by Sound Crush that we recommend for you to have this Ramadan 2022. The list compromises Speakers in terms of their price and the unique features they offer.


You must have the Aurelia Magnetic Lighting Speaker by Sound Crush in your possession throughout the month of Ramadan 2022. Listening to Quranic recitations, Holy Naat, Muslim Audiobook, and Aftar Recipe in high-definition sound. Small and beautiful, with a stick-on magnetic function, seven distinct lights, and a long playtime, the Aurelia Lighting Speaker is a fantastic option for any environment. While listening to audiobooks, Naat’s, or Quranic recitations, take advantage of this device’s seven immersive lighting effects and stick-on magnetic function. To listen to your recipes while preparing Aftar, you may attach Aurelia to any magnetic surface and stick it there.

led speaker aurelia


Let us not forget to include the magnificent M7 in our list of the best speakers. It has a wonderful reputation among the best Portable Bluetooth speakers as an amazing gadget, with strong bass, a dashing design with 4 different color options, and a slew of excellent features that make it ideal for amazing Soundly Ramadan celebrations. M7 is one of the top speakers offered by Sound Crush due to its Clear 360 Sound, Deep bass, IPX7 Waterproof, and TWS (True Wireless Stereo), meaning you can connect to M7 speakers together to further elevate the sound output.

Crush M7 is the best option this Ramadan 2022 for listening to Quranic recitations, Holy Naat, Muslim Audiobook, and Aftar Recipes in high-definition sound. Going for a walk after Aftar, why not take M7 with you and listen to your favorite Muslim Scholar. While preparing Aftar, listen to the Recipes without worrying about the speaker getting wet because it is waterproof.

sound crush m7


Another breakthrough in classy devices is the one, and only Trig LED Speaker. To define this product further, let’s say this is an excellent home décor speaker and the best portable speaker due to its Lantern design. This Ramadan light the way with Trig’s lighting feature, which offers 7 different colors with 3 different lighting modes. Trig is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is designed like a portable lamp that offers up to 10 hours of playtime and has TWS (True Wireless Stereo), meaning you can connect two Trigs to further elevate the sound out while listing to Quranic recitations, Holy Naat, Muslim Audiobook, and Aftar Recipes in high-definition sounds. Trig’s unique design and long playtime make it perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.

trig lighting speaker


Bzoom is a high-end portable Bluetooth speaker ideal for your needs throughout Ramadan this year. IPX7 waterproof and 15 hours of playback make Bzoom a sought after product. Bzoom has a refined design and crystal-clear sound quality with 360 surround sound stereo. Because of this, Bzoom is the ideal speaker for you to use throughout the holy month of Ramadan 2022. High-definition sound for listening to Quranic recitations, Holy Naat, Muslim Audiobook, and Aftar Recipes. It’s a good idea to have Bzoom with you if you’re going for a stroll after the Aftar prayers. Listen to the Recipes while cooking Aftar without being concerned about the speaker becoming wet.

bzoom waterproof speaker


As one of the greatest mini Bluetooth speakers, Macaron has maintained its position at the top of the list of the best speakers in Pakistan since its launch. You may link two Macaron’s together through TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for better music quality. Because of the product’s small dashing aesthetics and 360-degree clear sound quality Macaron is the best choice for you. It also has a lanyard wire that can be attached to a hook on the back of the device. During this Ramadan 2022, Macaron’s compact size and several features make it an excellent speaker for you to have. Ramadan would be more spiritually stimulating if people listened to Quranic recitations, Holy Naat, Muslim Audiobook, and Aftar Recipes on Macaron while fasting.

mini bluetooth speaker


Mono side Lamp Speaker by Sound Crush is a Lighting Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0 and features wireless charging. Apart from that, Mono has TWS (True Wireless Stereo), meaning you can connect to Mono Speakers together to further elevate the sound output and quality. This Ramadan, lighten up your spiritual surroundings with Mono while listening to Quranic recitations, Holy Naat, Muslim Audiobook, and your favorite Muslim Scholars. Illuminate your surroundings while you listen to Spiritual recordings during Ramadan while also charging your mobile (devices with Qi-enabled wireless charging can be charged).

mono lamp speaker

Quick Sum-up:

Sound Crush has a variety of speakers that you may use to listen to the Quranic recitations, Naat’s, Muslim scholars, Audiobooks, and cuisine recipes throughout Ramadan.


Sound Crush Wishes You Happy Ramadan Mubarak (2022)


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