sound crush m7

Sound Crush M7 Review

sound crush m7 review

If you’re headed out there is one known portable speaker that you might reach for, and one of the platforms with plenty of success in this field is Sound Crush, all of which are portable speakers for many. The Sound Crush M7 portability is the best, or more so than before. This is a small unit and is widespread to its limit.

Who should get the Sound Crush M7 portable speaker?

For people who are music lovers and prefer portability. Sound Crush M7 is the kind of product most people should reach out to. It’s an ideal portable speaker for people who want to groove with the music and enjoy a portable experience on the go


sound crush M7 waterproof speaker

So what experience will you gain by using M7?

The first thing you should know is that M7 packs the strongest punch. This can become an exciting music experience. The best part is that this product is completely waterproof take it in the pool with you without the worry of getting it damaged. And such quality products are very rare in the market especially when it comes to battery timings, but M7 has a staggering battery timing just charge it for 2-3 hours and enjoy unlimited music for up to 20 hours.

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How do you connect it to your devices?

Besides all the Bluetooth inputs, you also get an Aux input, a memory card slot, and a charging input. There are rubber buttons for starting the Bluetooth speaker and cool volume rockers. Present on the front

The wireless range is about 10 meters, 33ft and it stays well connected. I have no problems listening to music in my home, over this Bluetooth speaker which is surprising you can control every aspect of the speaker, furthermore there is no lag when you require stream less music

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M7 – Best Waterproof Speaker

When I got the chance to speak to the engineer of this product he unveiled some interesting facts regarding the uniqueness of this product which were quite amazing IPX7 technology allows it to remain underwater for up to 30 minutes which is an excellent advantage to people who prefer music in the pool or shower, Plus the looks are totally out if this world unlike some cheap quality speakers you get in the same budget but M7 is one of a kind to be precise.

waterproof speakers


How well this Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker is?

When it comes to connectivity? As mentioned above M7’s connectivity will never be an issue to any user because it can remain stable without any distortion, till 33ft.

What makes Sound Crush M7 Special?

People who prefer music in showers or pools don’t have to worry about damaging their speaker because of the IPX7 waterproof technology its completely waterproof.

Will my music be disturbed if a call comes?

A built in mic inside the speaker allows handsfree calling.

What about battery timings?

Music lovers no longer need to worry about their music getting disturbed because of a low quality battery M7 comes with a 2000 MAH battery that can play music up to 20 hours.

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Disclaimer: This post is all about Sound Crush M7 review.


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