Sound Crush's portable bluetooth speaker

Sound Crush’s Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are an awesome way of getting a charge out of music almost anywhere. The portability of Bluetooth speakers has taken the market by storm and yet it’s not the best part. These convenient and portable devices make listening to private/personal music playlists from any mobile device easy, lively & amusing.

Music lovers can share their favourite jingle/ tunes with the world anywhere, anytime without stressing about the twisting wires or discovering the outlet to plug into.

Sound Crush – Listen To Every Voice, Loud & Clear

In Sound Crush, as the name defines, the sound which crushes all the previous myths and misconceptions of the wire lines. Sound Crush brings out some exceptionally incredible features the customers are trying to discover in these modern products.

Sound Crush will always be there to give the best and to sort out your best musical experiencEmail us at info@soundcrush.pk or contact 0518737325

The Key Feature of Sound Crush’s Bluetooth Speakers:


Consumers can feel free to take their Sound Crush speakers to the pool, on a rainy walk, or at a party that might imply a spilt drink.

The very stylish and classy M7 water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is prepared with a convenient ABS Fabric, handy and elegant in design, secure for open-air and dynamic use, which can freely float in water for 30 minutes. The quality of the product ensures zero sound breakage.

m7 portable bluetooth speaker


Sound Crush’s versatile Bluetooth Speakers have an inner rechargeable battery which adds to the convenience and comfort.

The BZOOM – 360 encompasses sound stereo which has a rechargeable lithium Polymer with an impressive 15 – 20 hours playtime/runtime on a full charge. Users can tune in all day without stressing about batteries.

bzoom portable bluetooth speaker


Some Sound Crush’s speaker is built not just to survive the usual speakers but also to survive the climate.

The user-friendly Roundo – Rugged Bluetooth Speaker has a hideable leather handle. It’s made water-resistant to work through rain, showers and splashes. Its astonishing and appealing design looks perfect for rough and active use.


Sound Crush Speakers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with hooks and handles to suit the customers’ way of life. The creativity and features seem boundless with Portable Bluetooth Speakers.

Whether the user wants a key feature like water resistance and durability or innovative carrying options, they will discover a modern combination of features that they expect to find in a modern Portable Speakers.

If you cherish organizing parties, a great quality Bluetooth Speaker is the finest choice for you to appreciate the flexibility to move the speakers around without hindrance.

Convenient Operation, Easy Mobility, and Easy Set-up

So whilst wireless communication may have been around for over a century, it is only in the 21st century that we are really beginning to see the full potential of wire-free innovation. From smartphones to wireless speakers, it is possible to get connected without being attached.

Sound crush offers a full range of Portable Speakers for our valued clients. Contact us now for any queries.

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