The Final Awaits! Pakistan’s World Cup Tour Has Been a Roller-coaster Ride

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup has been nothing short of unpredictably exciting at every turn. And Pakistan’s World Cup tour was no different. Emotions among cricket fans across the globe have been all over the place, from pure happiness to extreme disappointment. But the feeling of surprise and shock has been consistent throughout the tournament. Major teams lost and underdogs unexpectedly won crucial matches, leaving the tables turned after each game.

Sometimes, fate, or “Qudrat Ka Nizam,” works in mysterious ways, even when the result makes absolutely no sense. Indeed, to call Pakistan’s World Cup tour a roller-coaster ride would be an understatement. Somehow, the first team to qualify “for the airport” also became the first to reach the Final. The Pakistani Cricket Team defied all expectations by becoming the first T20 World Cup 2022 finalist. So, let’s look back on Team Green’s highs and lows that collectively led to this extraordinary qualification.

The Hopeless Super 12

Pakistan’s World Cup tour kicked off with a highly anticipated encounter with India. It’s just natural to pit these two old rivals against each other, even at the very beginning of the tournament. Also, matches between these two are always met with fully packed stadiums and are the highlights of any World Cup. Sadly, things didn’t go Pakistan’s way, and it faced its first disheartening defeat.

However, the next match brought Pakistan’s World Cup tour to a depressing low. Games with India always have a fifty-fifty chance of going either way. But the Men in Green got a bit cocky as they faced a considerably “weaker” Zimbabwe as their second opponent. Two consecutive losses for Team Green right at the beginning of the tournament left it and the fans in despair.

Pakistan’s World Cup Tour’s Dependency on Other Teams

All hopes for Pakistan’s World Cup tour to continue were now on the other teams in Group 2. In addition to Pakistan needing to win all remaining matches, certain teams needed to win theirs as well. The game between India and South Africa was a major example. If India was victorious, Pakistan would’ve gotten a fighting chance. But of course, when have things ever been that simple for Team Green? India lost, and so did Pakistan’s hopes.

The Men in Green still focused on winning their matches, even though qualifying for the semi-finals felt like a dream. In fact, they even beat one of the top teams in the tournament, South Africa. Both India and South Africa enjoyed the top two spots in Group 2, knowing that they would qualify. But then came a Sunday on November 6 that changed everything. In an unexpectedly beautiful game of cricket, the underdog Netherlands defeated South Africa, breathing new life into Pakistan’s World Cup tour.

All Pakistan needed to do now was beat Bangladesh on the same blessed Sunday, which it did, thankfully. And Pakistan’s World Cup tour continued as Team Green made its way into the semis!

The Semi-final between the Shaheens and the Kiwis

The two groups finally intertwined as Group 1’s top team faced Group 2’s second best squad. From past security concerns to full-fledged series, Pakistan and New Zealand have developed a cricket relationship built on mutual respect. However, this was the first big league, crucial, and do-or-die match of the tournament. Team Green couldn’t afford any mistakes here if they wanted Pakistan’s World Cup tour to go all the way.

Fortunately, the Men in Green showed up as a tight unit with a fresh new form. Firstly, the ruthless bowling attack restricted New Zealand’s score to 152 runs. That’s a target that the Pakistan Cricket Team loves to demolish. The opening Shaheens alone easily managed their partnership to a century, and it was smooth sailing from there. And so, with an outstanding semi-final victory, Pakistan’s World Cup tour continues into the Final.

The whole world, including Pakistan itself, had accepted that Pakistan’s World Cup tour was over during the Super 12. But the Men in Green continued to have belief and had fans praying for them day and night. To this day, no one truly knows how this team made it to the tournament final. It is still hard to believe, but the universe really wanted to see the Shaheens get to the end. Additionally, Sound Crush has been supporting and having full trust in Team Green since the beginning. Sound Crush wants the Pakistani Cricket Team fans to have the best World Cup experience. As a result, all of its speakers have received and continue to receive a 20% discount. Moreover, with every order during the World Cup, a free cricket surprise comes along! Be loud with your finale support through the best audio systems in Pakistan!

Sound Crush wishes the best of luck to the Pakistan Cricket Team. And hopes that the Men in Green end Pakistan’s World Cup tour by bringing the trophy home! Pakistan Zindabad!


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