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Road to the Quarterfinals! Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Moments So Far!

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has been exciting and dramatic during every single match. There has been no shortage of masterful goals, shocking upsets, and beautifully inspiring moments. Initially, 32 teams from all around the world participated in the event that proved why it’s the greatest sports tournament. It is the most expensive edition of the competition yet, as Qatar spent over 220 billion USD to organize it. And it shows because the World Cup is bigger than ever, with each upcoming match becoming a must-see event. It truly feels like a globally united occasion and the perfect celebration of football.

Qatar’s handling of the FIFA World Cup 2022 has been outstandingly exceptional. Additionally, there were plenty of twists and turns to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. These include no team winning all of its group matches and the hosts losing all of theirs. This tournament also marked the first time all six continents became a part of the knockout stages. Before the quarterfinals commence, let’s revisit all the standout moments from the event so far, because there are a lot!

Saudi Arabia’s Triumph Over Argentina

Saudi Arabia became the cause of the FIFA World Cup 2022’s first major upset. On the third day of the tournament, the team ranked 51, Saudi Arabia, defeated the team ranked 3 and the favorites, Argentina, 2-1.

In fact, it would’ve been enough for the Saudis if they managed to end the game with a draw. Messi scored a 10th minute penalty, and Argentina’s victory was almost certain.

The Saudi Arabian team became heroes in the Muslim world after their triumph. Furthermore, two of their players scoring two goals in a 5-minute interval was absolutely crazy.

Even with 70 percent possession, Argentina was powerless against Saudi Arabia.

This match was so marvelous that FIFA included it in its official list of the greatest upsets.

As a result, Saudis started a viral meme called “Where is Messi?” to add salt to the Argentinian wounds.

Another Major FIFA World Cup 2022 Upset: Japan Defeating Germany

Japan has never been in the conversation about World Cup favorites. But the Blue Samurai became the most consistent source of the best FIFA World Cup 2022 moments. Their resilience and determination during every single match were a source of inspiration for fans around the world. And these qualities proved fruitful as Japan defeated the 2014 FIFA Champions, Germany, in their first group match.

Similar to the first upset, the favorites, Germany, took the lead with a penalty in the 33rd minute. But the Japanese struck back in the second half as two of their substitutes changed everything. The Germans were not at all expecting this result and were shaken to their core.

Celebrations engulfed Tokyo as their team beat potentially one of the best squads in the world. Indeed, it was even more shocking because Germany had never lost a game with a first-half lead since 1978.

The Next Stop in the Japanese Invasion of Europe: Spain

Regardless of who wins, FIFA World Cup 2022 was Japan’s moment. The Japanese defeated not only one, but two previous European World Cup champions. And this time, Rank 7 Spain was the unfortunate victim. Japan had to give the game their all after their loss to Costa Rica.

Spain, on the other hand, had already secured a huge 7-0 victory against Costa Rica and a draw against Germany. So, the Spanish had all of the odds in their favor.

This led to the most dramatic night of the tournament yet, as simultaneously, Germany absolutely had to defeat Costa Rica. The Germans also needed Japan to either lose or draw against Spain to qualify for the knockouts.

Actually, the situation was similar yet again as Spain took the lead in the 11th minute of the game. But of course, the Japanese were hell-bent on winning as they took over the match in the second half. The Blue Samurai equalized and took the lead in less than 3 minutes. As a result, they effectively eliminated the Germans from the tournament.

Japan became the only Group E team to qualify for the knockouts with two victories.

Although Germany defeated Costa Rica with an amazing 4-2 win, it just wasn’t enough as they made their FIFA exit.

FIFA World Cup 2022’s Greatest Controversial Goal

Japan makes our list of the Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Moments So Far yet again. Their second goal against Spain, scored by Ao Tanaka, became the biggest controversial goal of the tournament till then.

Actually, this was because of from where the ball was passed to Ao Tanaka by the winger Kaoru Mitoma. It was disallowed initially by the referee as the ball was believed to have crossed the goal-line before the pass.

But the VAR declared it a legal goal after an extensive look at the video from various angles. They claimed that the ball’s curvature wasn’t completely ahead of the line, but people across the globe were infuriated.

Although FIFA doesn’t usually share evidence of VAR decisions with the media, it felt obligated to do so this time.

Japanese Etiquette Throughout the Tournament

As previously stated, Japan served as a source of inspiration for many throughout the FIFA World Cup 2022. The team played beautiful football, but their fans won the hearts of people all around the world with their etiquette.

The Japanese fans cleaned up the stadiums after every match that they attended, whether or not their team was playing.

Consequently, their manners further inspired fans of more countries, like Tunisia and Morocco, to do the same.

More FIFA World Cup 2022 Standout Moments

The moments listed above don’t even scratch the surface of the greatest FIFA World Cup 2022 moments up until now. Ronaldo’s “hair-touching header” against Uruguay, Cameroon becoming the first African country to defeat Brazil, and more deserve honorable mentions.

Additionally, another amazing moment was Vincent Aboubakar’s goal against Brazil, after which he took off his shirt. He got a red card, but before that, the referee, Ismail Elfath, felt the need to shake Aboubakar’s hand.

On the other hand, riots erupted in rank-two Belgium as they lost to rank 22 Morocco.

The South Koreans also make the list after their historic win against Ronaldo’s Portugal. The joy of victory was so overwhelming that the South Korean captain, Son Heung-min, teared up on the field.

Honestly, there have just been so many standout moments up until now that it would take multiple blogs to list them all. Even before the quarterfinals, the FIFA World Cup 2022 has been an emotional rollercoaster. From dramatic moments to shocking ones, from joyful moments to devastating ones, the tournament has had them all. And something tells us that the quarterfinals and beyond will only further add to the excitement.

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Until then, do let us know what your favorite FIFA World Cup 2022 moments have been so far!


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