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Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023: When the Country Saw Nothing but Green Lights

In 2018, Black Box Sounds brought the Mad Decent Block Party, led by the iconic Major Lazer, to Pakistan. It was a historic musical night for the country that Pakistanis will never forget. Afterward, music enthusiasts eagerly awaited what the next Black Box Fest had in store.

Little did we know that five years later, we would be in for another grand musical treat. The American-Pakistani sisters, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, magnificently returned to their roots. Indeed, the two-day Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 was a weekend to remember for the people of Islamabad and Lahore.

Positive energy, immersive sets by talented artists, and most importantly, amazing music filled the Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023. Primarily an EDM-focused event, the 2023 edition of Black Box Fest featured international and local artists from various genres. Although the artist lineups were mostly consistent in both cities, there were some significant differences as well.

The year started with an explosively memorable evening, thanks to Black Box, Krewella, and the rest of the krew. Let us look back at the weekend when Pakistan saw nothing but green lights and felt truly alive.

Who is Krewella?

Of course, first, we need to discuss who the titular stars of the Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 are. Sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf form the American electronic dance music duo, Krewella. The sisters, who were born and raised in Chicago, began making music together in 2007 and released their first single, “Killin’ It,” in 2011.

Since then, their discography includes several more singles as well as two full-length albums, “Get Wet” (2013) and “Ammunition” (2015). One of the defining characteristics of Krewella’s music is the combination of electronic dance music (EDM) production with the sisters’ powerful vocal performances. The Yousaf sisters are both accomplished singers and songwriters, and their live shows often feature them singing and playing instruments alongside electronic beats and synths.

Additionally, another defining aspect of Krewella’s music is their heavy use of live instruments, such as drums, guitar, and live electronic drums, during their live performances. This gives the band a distinct energy and distinguishes their performance. Critics and audiences both loved “Get Wet” and “Ammunition”, and the albums charted well on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart as well.

In fact, the duo is a part of Billboard’s 2014 “EDM Power Players” list for their EDM contributions. The Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 is dubbed the “Tomorrowland of Pakistan” for this reason.

Krewella Pakistan Tour: Islamabad Edition

Firstly, let’s appreciate how the tickets arrived at our doorstep through Black Box Sounds. Inside the envelope was a personal letter from the organizers welcoming us on board and providing further instructions. This letter was accompanied by wristbands, which were our official tickets for the event.

Honestly, this unconventional approach to such a large-scale public event was worth acknowledging. The Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 began on January 6 of this year at The Rock Musicarium in Islamabad. We have to give credit to the organizers for making car parking and entering the venue a smooth experience.

Also, The Rock Musicarium is easily one of the best venues for music festivals in Islamabad. There is just something peaceful and otherworldly about it, which is why all the events happen here. When we finally arrived at the venue, newcomer Natasha Ejaz was having the best time on stage during her performance.

Afterward, the Pasoori star, Shae Gill, delivered an outstanding performance and owned the event with the best performance of the night. Her ability to connect with the crowd and control their emotions through her singing of classics was astounding. Khumariyaan then took the stage as the highly anticipated “surprise performance” of the event, playing their signature Pashto music.

The Biggest EDM Event of the Year in Pakistan

Next, the iconic host Shahzad Khan promised nothing but EDM for the remainder of the night. And true to his word, a succession of world-class electronic dance music acts appeared back-to-back to make the crowd dance. The Chandigarh-based DJ, Khyber 13, delivered an electrifying performance of EDM with a Pashtun twist.

Then came the Karachi-based DJ, Turhan James, who has performed on the same stages as globally renowned dance music artists. We fortunately witnessed an artist who names like Afrojack and Steve Aoki trust as a major supporting act. The Brooklyn-based musician, Jeremy Malvin, returned to Pakistan as Chrome Sparks after five years, and his energy was unmatched.

Finally, after a series of amazing performances, the Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 brought out its headlining stars. The powerhouse sister duo took the stage in a highly energetic fashion, playing their most popular songs for the audience to enjoy. The crowd could see the excitement of Krewella about performing in their home country, and the musical passion was mutual.

To conclude their performance and the Islamabad edition of the event, Krewella played their iconic hit “Alive,” and it was the perfect ending. Words cannot adequately describe the transcendental emotions that overtook the entire arena as the night came to a close. The Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 was truly an unforgettable experience.

Krewella Pakistan Tour: Lahore Edition

Similarly, the Lahore edition of the Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 was an extraordinary experience for the city’s audience. It took place the very next day and featured mostly the same lineup as its counterpart in Islamabad. Major differences included DJ Maleo and DJ Fuzzy as replacements for artists like Shae Gill.

Honestly, we are grateful to Black Box Sounds, Krewella, and all the other involved artists for an extremely memorable night. Black Box Sounds promise that the Krewella Pakistan Tour 2023 was just the beginning, and they have more planned in the pipeline. And after such a perfect event, we are putting all of our trust in them and eagerly awaiting their future events.

Until then, you can listen to your favorite songs by the featured artists at the Krewella Pakistan Tour through Sound Crush speakers. There is no better way to relive the ultimate musical experience.


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