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A Musical Journey into the Past: Pop & Rock Music of Pakistan (2 of 6) – The loud and Bass crazy 70s era

Musical equipment and instruments have a historical relationship with sound. Every era introduced its own style of music and various genres were developed. Rock music with its loudness and rich bass was at its peak in the 70s. Sound Crush has been able to capture the lightening spirit of the era and personified it as Hyper Wave. To enjoy the pop and rock music of Pakistan from the 70s, there is no better option than Hyper wave. It not only amplifies the rich bass but is also loud and comes with a vintage look. With Hyper Wave the rebellious sounds of the 70s seem so authentic. Aggression, boldness, and rebellion were the baseline themes upon which the foundation of pop and rock music of the 70s were built. Here are some of the most pertinent developments in music during the decade of 1970s.

Rebels every where

The flower movement of the 60s was coming to a decline and the more aggressive sentiments were coming to shore. It was being reflected in the music as well. Bands like Black Sabbath were huge that dealt with darker themes like social taboos, evil, darkness and politics. 

It was the time in which anti-hero framework was under development which was to become a major theme in all genres to follow. People were no longer attached to the fantasies and wanted something real and raw. 

This is where music also changed and musicians explored new dimensions. It would not be wrong to say that 70s were the developing days for heavy metal music. 

Heavy bass, and loud distorted rhythm guitar were the fundamental ingredients. Rather than pop music, rock music had more to offer in the western world. However, the music of Pakistan had much to catch up with. 

Music of Pakistan in the 70s decade

Even though 70s are known as liberal and swinging times in Pakistan; there was not a lot of heavy metal rebellion here. Still, famous playback singers such as Runa Laila, Ahmed Rushdi, and Alamgir ruled the pop genre.

One of the most famous hits from Alamgir at the time was the song ‘Dekha na tha’ from the 1978 film Bobby and Julie.

Eventually it was Alamgir who stepped out of the playback singer’s domain and introduced himself as an individual artist. His success ultimately inspired a lot of young artists to start their own gig as well. We had more pop vocalists such as Tehseen Javed, Muhammad Ali Sheiki and Khalid Waleed.

Meanwhile the pop scene was buzzing with the solo artists, bands of Karachi such as The Bugs, Voodoo, and Surfers to name a few kept playing their brand of jazzy rock.

Pop Music of Pakistan definitely had a huge impact on the society and 70s was the time when it became a nation-wide success. Most of the success was owed to the Pakistan Television (PTV). Television was to remain an anchor of success for artists all over the world in the years to come.


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