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Why Portable Bluetooth Speakers From Sound Crush?

Let’s go down memory lane for a while and have a look at what equipment were being used 25 years ago, big bulky speakers, a huge hassle to adjust their wirings, and the biggest problem was about their portability. Back in the day, these huge vessels were a problem especially to those who are willing to move them from one place to another in the fear of breaking them or losing any piece because they were way costly in that era. A similar story was heard regarding a person who in the 1980s purchased Kenwood which was a very costly brand of that time. Those speakers worked fine until he moved someplace else and something inside broke to this very date he couldn’t find the designated components to get it fixed. But modern-day technology fixed these problems and portability became a major part of electronics.

vintage speaker vs portable speaker

We’ve added this image of vintage speakers just for an idea so that everyone can have a thorough look at how big these were. Furthermore, I will define our products and modern-day techs so that a good comparison is at hand.

Why Portable Speakers when Vintage Speakers are rare?

A very frequently asked question is this one. Why opt for modern-day technology when a vintage product is far more valuable and hard to get it has an excellent resale value for the ones that require such product. Well, the answer is very simple Portable, Portable, and Portable speaker when you are looking for options that are within your budget and features that are beyond vintage speakers then it’s better to go with the modern-day theme rather than living in the past. So at this point, Sound Crush effortlessly brought Portable Speakers where music can be enjoyed on the go.

Sound Crush will always be there to give the best and to sort out your best musical experiencEmail us at info@soundcrush.pk or contact 0518737325

Why Sound Crush is the Best Option?

Quality is the main concern whenever it comes to electronics. Keeping this thing in mind our brilliant and innovative engineers made it possible, by bringing us the best this era will have with amazing IPX7 technology and intelligent build quality. Sound Crush has export to over 70 countries including the West and Europe. And an amazing clientage of 100k, so why our products let me provide you a description of what we are offering.

Our Best Selling Speakers

Now a moment we’ve all been waiting for is the “SPECIFICATIONS” of our products


Trig is the kind of product every person want in their home because of its unique build and 7 color variation that rotate its colors accordingly. Built with a leather strap for a handheld lantern experience.


Packed with an amazing dual radiator base, waterproof IPX7, and 360 surround sound feature M7 is sure to pack a powerful punch with a 2000 MAHbattery. Which has a playtime of up to 20 hours.


Rugged and robust, this small yet powerful portable Bluetooth speaker is one of its kind with playtime up to 10 hours. It’s packed with an 800 MAH battery a real surprise for Music Lovers.


Move with the beats is an excellent statement to define a product like Colorun, Music lovers are absolutely going to love this speaker because of its battery and crystal clear sound packed with an 800 MAH battery and a clip-on feature this product is absolutely stunning.


This unique product is famous for all the best reasons, durability, and sound quality. Are the best aspect that makes this Portable Bluetooth speaker one of a kind.

Wrapping Up

This quick sum up will provide an overview of how modern day techs have improved our life standards especially electronics from Being oversized to portable this a generation Gap quickly filled up.

Sound crush offers a full range of Portable Speakers for our valued clients. Contact us now for any queries.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended to provide information about vintage speaker vs portable speaker and why one should purchase Portable Bluetooth Speakers from Sound Crush.


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